The Innocent One

Sam grew up in New York City.  He learned how to get around with his conniving and shrewdness at an early age.
He loved the Yankees and three or four days a week he and his friends would smoke some pot, then hop aboard the number four train up to the Bronx to see a game.  They would pay for a cheap ticket high up in the upper deck. Then they would keep sneaking down and by the end of the game, they would be sitting in box seats.
Sam was a handsome young man and had a great speaking voice, so he used to be quite the lady’s man. Sometimes he would take one of them to the game if they promised to keep quiet.  He was a good student in high school, so he went on to college to study communications.  He would love to be a television sports analyst.  
After a few years of doing play by play for a minor league baseball team, a spot opened up for him as a commentator at a major network.  He and one other guy were up for job.  He knew him from before.  They used to smoke pot together at school, so in order to get the job, Sam blew the whistle on him about his past.  He threatened to have him beat up by the mob if he didn’t keep his mouth shut about him, so Sam got the job.
A famous baseball player was accused of marijuana possession so Sam had to do a commentary about him.  “He should be banned from ever playing baseball again,” was his comment.  “Only four games are not enough of a suspension for him.   He is a cheater, and cheaters have to be severely punished.  He broke the law by smoking a marijuana cigarette.  He is evil. He is also a liar.  He even denied that he ever did it,” as if the commentator had never done that before.   If the commissioner ever knew about what Sam had done, he would find out enough information to have him thrown into prison for what he did, having a guy beat up for blowing the whistle on him.
Like this commentator did, he crucified the accused to cover up his own wrongdoings.  Marijuana possession is nothing compared to what Sam had done.  The innocent one is not so innocent after all.

When he who becomes
Weighted down with sin,
Shifts it over to another,
His sin will become even  
Heavier than it was before

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