Deep down inside my private mind,
encircled by barbed wire fences,
my world, my pride, my haven,
my autonomy, my island,
my secret theories, my wilderness,
my agnostic self, my religion,
rising above all,
alone where God is locked out,
a land with no foundation,
a building swaying in the wind,
my feet unsteady, walking in hope,
my private meditations,
my private island
where God is forbidden,
replaced by independent thought,
my own religion based on
my own theories, my own Bible,
refusing any assistance,
trying not to feel his presence
even though it makes me feel better,
trying to feel more important,
more intelligent,
closing my mind to his wisdom,
trying to walk on unsteady legs,
repeating to myself that I am
a God and don’t need another one,
trying to convince myself while
gradually losing my faith in me,
lowering my self-esteem, my pride,
and ultimately hitting the bottom,
until realizing that
since I am his creation,
how could I ever know
more than he does?
Intelligence is merely a finding.
Wisdom is in the knowing and letting
that intelligence work within me.

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Nerd Moderno
27 days

Ohh!, that's the feeling, always with us, moving things inside us because of the unknown deep places on our selves and universe. Thank u for this piece R.

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
25 days

Thank you Nerd Moderno. Thank you for reading my poem.

Robert L. Martin
about 2 months

Thanx Nelson. How can anyone ever know everything?

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 months

There is wisdom behind the unknown. By not knowing we find wisdom when we find out what the unknown is. We can never know more than what God knows, yes. We can only have faith that He does more than we know. The unknown. There in lies the wisdom of not knowing.

Thank you Robert. Like.

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