As the burning of the sun comes never more,
And we of nature and summer’s lore,
In soothing skin and fragile spirit,
Look to toughen up for all and befit.
We free ourselves to all that winter owns.
The tough toughen up for winter’s wrath,
And internal armor is built along the path.
Like walls of granite and scorching fires,
They burn away the cold as autumn expires.
Though winter’s tough, the burning’s bright.
We hold our own and win the fight
 With our inurement intact and
Our spirit renewed.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Great metaphor for the current situation in all manners of civil disturbance and discontent.
Tha good, the bad and the ugly have never been so transparent at least close to half a century I’ve lived here in the States.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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