Fatherless Child

Fatherless child I pray for you. I hope that you will weather the storm of life. I hope you seek out and find someone to be a moralistic role model. Since you have no father to teach you good morals, I pray that once you find someone, you will recognize that he has them and that they are beneficial to him.

There are many people that want to befriend you. They have many different reasons to do so. Some want to use you and some want to help you. Please be very selective in your choice of friends. Seek out the ones who know in order to get something, you have to earn it. It doesn’t come easy . It requires knowledge and hard work. Please let them influence you. Then when you accomplish your goal, you will feel much better about yourself, and you will become valuable to society.

I pray that you won’t befriend those who are lazy and think the world owes them something. What they achieve are people that are afraid of them and in turn will want to intimidate you. It will become a war of power verses power. It will put fear in your mind and make you become leery of everyone. Your life will be in constant turmoil instead of letting you become free. You will love being alive and will think much better of yourself.

Please be selective when you choose your friends. Don’t let them choose you. If they do, make sure it is for a good reason. I pray for you, fatherless child. Please don’t let me down.

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