The Perils of Love
While her womanly attributes begin their showing
My lust and my passion take me with their flowing
She’s still too young to know what love is
The kind that is sealed with a searing kiss
She plays with her dolls while her skirts are rising
I feel my loins that stir in my fantasizing
Her glances are pure and mine soaked in lust
My dark side has gained her whole-hearted trust
Fools gamble but she knows none other
Daddy is her home and me her big brother
How I’d love to lift her up
And sit her over my shoulders
Wrap her legs around my neck
Before the fire smolders
Feel her innocent skin
With me the Devil’s fire
Singing scorching hymns along
With Satan’s wailing choir
She doesn’t yet know the perils of love
He is a man among men, no different from the rest
A pawn of human nature with licentious thoughts
But to the highest of nature, his actions repressed

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over 6 years

Lust on the leash.

Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

Passionate and wise! Good job brother!

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