Deviled Eggs
—- - And so there are deviled eggs
—- - And there are angeled eggs
The difference being that the
Angeled eggs come
From holy chickens
And the deviled eggs
Come from evil chickens
Upon wanting angeled eggs, the
Deviled chickens must be exorcised.
A priest with his holy stick
Must be summed forth
And wave it over such a chicken,
Repeating the holy words,
“Ugha, ugha, boo, boo, ugha,
Release thy evil spirit from thee,
Devil chicken.
Then go forth and cluck
Amongst the holiest of the holy
Lift up thy head
Thou newly transformed angel chicken,
Such is thou art now.”  
The Moral of the Story
The next time, upon
Eating a deviled egg
You’re gonna go straight to hell,
Unless you can get
A priest to exorcise you,
You devil you.

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