Stupid Cupid

Some Cupids don’t get it right.
Some Cupids see the light.
Some Cupids fly around in a cloud.
Some Cupids stand above the crowd.
Some Cupids don’t know how to fly.
Some Cupids were born in a clever sky.
Some Cupids match up mistaken lovers.
Some Cupids listen to their mothers.
Some Cupids shoot arrows that go awry.
Some Cupids are without a trusty eye.
Some Cupids do stupid and stupid outdid.
Some Cupids are known as a Stupid Cupid.
They match up fat ladies with skinny men,
Horny grammas with little boys about ten,
Strange ladies with seven toes on one foot,
And some crazy guy with a foot in the soot,
Elephants with foxes and birds with snakes,
Steady trapeze flyers with he who shakes,
A colossal flying lizard with a little parakeet,
Albino orangutans with a bad black sheep,
Cute little white rats with a hit man type cat,
Little sweaty campers with a giant thirsty gnat,
A crystal chalice with a mighty sledgehammer,
A quiet village with a marauding type pillager,
And Republicans that shoot Democrats by the days,
With guns and bazookas and foul smelling sprays.
Some Cupids get the days and seasons all mixed up,
The time of the times, the whole shebang disrupt,
Waiting until Christmas Eve to shoot their arrows,
Spending Valentine’s Day resting on their laurels.
Smart Cupids don’t do those stupid things.
They fly around and wait for the right match up,
Like smart quarterbacks in the big, big game.

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