The Stone

As the old man was walking along a mountain path, he came upon a stone. He picked it up and started talking to it. “I see you lying here with your face to the sun.  Was your body always the way it is now?  Did nature alter it over the years?  Were you a living thing once?  Did you belong to a plant, an animal, or a person?  Were you once a weapon?  If you could talk, you would have so many things to tell me.  If I could have been in your presence all the years that you existed, I would know more than all historians could ever know.   If you had a body and mind now, you could tell me all about your history.  
Were you part of the very beginning when God created the earth, or did you transmute from a living thing?  If you were part of the earth and rose to the surface, I have a piece of history in my hand that goes back many millions of years.  You could tell me the secrets of the earth and how it came into existence.  The scriptures tell about it in their own unclear way, but you were an eyewitness.  You might have been covered by a river at sometime, then you could explain how it was formed.  If you were covered in ice, you could say when the seasons changed, or if you were transported from another location.  Since you lie here now in plain view, you have many secrets to tell if you could talk.  
Siddhartha used you to support his theory on love.  He said that since time is timeless, time is an illusion. The past and future are all the same.  Since you were once a living thing, you are “now” a living thing.  Love encompasses all the living and you are the living.  You are the embodiment of love, the object of respect.  Everything is love.
Your trivial, still body now lies here on the surface, but your history is more real and says more than all theologians, historians, and archeologists could ever know.  I love the Bible, but you could be the real proof of existence.
Maybe you were the beginning”.

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