A Sage's Diary

A Sage’s Diary

Today I made my way through overgrown bushes that sprung up on the once cleared path that took me from my cave to the village that I set out to visit this
morning.  It was a long journey, but I had to share my revelations.  My isolation became too much for me as I longed for someone to listen to them.
I had been writing down what my soul had preached to me for a decade and a half.  I had to get some feedback from my writings.  Either I am a prophet or a madman; I don’t know.  I was the only one to rationalize my feelings.  Friendship is the tamer of all primal thoughts, and acceptance is the assurance that they are rooted in reality.
Being a spectator to the drama of the day has its rewards but also its drawbacks.  I saw conflicts and predicted their uprisings and outcomes, but couldn’t do anything about it from my seat on the sidelines.  I saw calloused hands from the tilling of the soil, but did not feel their pain.  I saw damsels frolicking with the breeze as they danced upon the knolls, but could not dance with them.
I saw fear and apprehension in the eyes of humanity awaiting the call of danger and the unknown.  Since I have befriended them both from my trust in God, the unknown has become a steed that I can mount that will carry me to the summit; and danger is painless as it attacks only those who can feel it.
Space unencumbered will become a familiar habitat where the end is as close as the beginning and every other part therein.  Time measures every segment, but what if they were timeless and immeasurable?  The present is a potpourri of all the ages fused together to create the scent of heaven.
On my way home that night, I realized that social interaction is the link between what is and what can be done about it.  It is also my verification that reality could have become a stranger to me and an intruder into my dream world, but it didn’t.  I still embrace all the elements of reality, my home sweet home, thank God.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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