As ailments get worse without a cure,
And the pain is more than we can endure,
We look around to find the cause,
Like a warming sun that shines and thaws.
As congregations dwindle, we are the sun.
Like winter to summer, a change is to begun,
Like the seasons we shed our heavy coats,
A change is imminent as our plea invokes.
Olden days worked for the days of yore.
Demands are different than they were before.
Communal service is the cure for the ailing,
For us as a church and the public prevailing.
The cure begotten, the restoration in progress.

This poem is about our church attendance and how it's growing

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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Faith, the base for the orderly progression of healing.
I had cataract surgery yesterday and two weeks ago. Every eye drop I instill in my eyes
had my faith in it that healing is imminent - I expected to be able to see a brighter, more vivid , luscious images of the world that is abundantly created for us by our Father Almighty. That’s how strong my faith is.

Love this poem, one to hold dear to my heart. Thanks Robert. Easily a favorite.

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Nelson D Reyes

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