Comes a time when the battering digs in,
When the pain is a never ending saga,
When the arsenals are like the naked desert,
When resistance is a sapling against the wind,
When the calm goes into the wild,
When the shifting is a race against father time,
When the granite moves with the changing sands,
When homes become aquatic wastelands,
When the living water is a faded memory,
When the fishes swim around discarded televisions,
When the heat is too much for the penguins,
When the cows refuse to bear their calves,
When the living cries out in excruciating pain,
When the hurting is a call to the devil,
When the earth began her revolt,
When the seasons became restless children,
When they moved about in an impulsive manner,
When summer decided it was too hot,
When it changed places with the frigid winters,
When the skies became temperamental nomads,
When they circled around the clouds with joy,
When tornados whistled a merry tune,
When hurricanes became water parks,
When the sun and rain were toys,
When the earth became a playground;
Is how the devil heeded the call of the afflicted.

The weather sure has been crazy lately.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thanks Nelson. I'm "so" glad to be back among you and the rest of the gang. Thanks for the feedback.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

And that's when The Devil is in a happy mood! Twisted Nature into reckless mischievous kids! Great metaphors . Love it.

God of course is always in the detail, subtle and not so subtle. But people especially those afflicted sometimes wonder and maybe missing His not so direct involvement - things getting better in some remote unrelated areas that's taken for granted.

Dont want to see the Devil in a bad mood with his tail twisting like lightning rods.

Glad you fixed your blog page. And, wow, such a cornucopia/gift of poems you gave us, literally literary colorful fall delight. Thank you.

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