Daughters of the earth in full glory,
Dressed in silk chiffon and gold trim,
Tears and beauty sous les yeux,
In full view before my starry eyes,
Suspended between earth and sky,
With slender arms that wrap around
And bring me up to her, her with
Her magic potions and fiery torches,
Leading me down to the temple of my soul,
As she massages my eyes with balm
And everything soft and soothing,
Smiling down and reciting silent verse
As it flows into my state of bliss,
Dancing before my eyes
And touching my heart with prose,
Of all things divine and unknown,
Escorting me into her exotic world
Of things and extraordinary things
That are part of me but unfamiliar,
Of things that point toward beauty
And pull my feelings into the face of it,
Leaving myself behind as I
Take my rapture with me,
Face to face and mind to mind,
Heart to heart and love to love,
As beauty and I became one in the spirit.
We became intimate in the
Temple of my divine soul.
We fell in love
As beauty became my master,
My way and my guide.
She rested on my tongue
And became the
Weaver of my speech
And the object of my longings.
An ode to beauty.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Thanx Nelson. I got inspired for this by Kahlil Gibran's chapter about "Beauty" from the book "The Prophet."

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Simply beautiful!
“Beauty rested on my tongue weaver of my speech...my longings...my spirit “
Fave. Love. Thanks Robert

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