Molded from the hands of her father,
Fashioned by his authoritarian ways,
He expected his daughter to accomplish
Perfection and nothing short of it.
She is only human and not God,
The one and only perfectionist
Who only cares about her
Relationship with him and not
Whether she will ever fit into the mold.
Since she was deemed “a loser”
By her disappointed father,
He left his little girl
To go on his way,
Never to find anyone to
Live up to his expectations.
She blamed herself for her
Father’s disappointment in her,
And not her father for his
Failures as a loving father for
Not loving her because she is his daughter,
The one who looks up to him as a role model.
She kept falling into the mold
That she made for herself because of him,
The mold that “losers” put themselves into.
Her beauty cast her into a
Utopian type of marriage,
Into a beautiful luxurious home
With a caring husband and children,
But since she always thought
Herself as a loser, she
Lived according to how losers live,
The life that is in her sub-conscious,
Waiting to come to the surface again.
Fatherhood is a very delicate
And demanding life style.
Setting the mold will determine
The health and welfare of his children.

I was thinking about the movie, "I Smile Back," when I wrote this. I just imagined what her relationship with her father could have been like up until the third stanza. The third stanza actually did happen.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Self serving you set the
mold. Loving and understanding you let go and accept - you share that bowl of cherries sweet and rotten ones with all the love and care you can give and savor the pits as well. Hard to be a father doubly hard to fit his mold. It’s a smorgasbord life is. And there lies the dilemma.

Like very much. Thanks Robert

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