Watch out! Head for the hills.
Watch out for the killer kills.
She’s loaded to the gills with TNT.
That smile of hers taint what you see.
What  a sight to behold for the sorely eyes,
her curves and swerves and flowery thighs.
Little Suzie looks fine there down below.
But loaded with TNT gettin’ ready to blow.
Be careful young man when you speak to her.
She’ll kick and scream like petrified thunder.
Don’t stop and look when she lifts up her skirts.
Little do you know how bad the kicking hurts.
TNT go boom boom. Little Suzie go boom boom,
cute little Suzie riding astride the witch’s broom.
If you knew Suzie like I know Suzie, man.
She kicked me in the ass, then I got up and ran,
but still heard her cursing two miles away.
TNT went boom boom as I came out to play
with cute little Suzie with her killerfied arsenal.

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Robert L. Martin
23 days

Yea, Suzie is pretty hot alright.

23 days

nice photo of suzie there ,

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