Up From the Grave
His old tombstone, beaten by the weather
After many years of being left alone
Lies behind a church cursed by the devil
In an old abandoned graveyard
There came a stirring in the ground
As a cold hand stuck out into view
A half specter, half beast rose up
And cast the tombstone aside
It flew into the air like a feathered rock
His strength was of a thousand men
His funeral clothes were old an tattered
His eye sockets were dark and empty
He set off for his old village on foot
With many a score to settle
Whoever did him wrong was
About to meet his fate
Whoever it was, he was gone long ago
Gone to meet his departed friends
As men do when the reaper arrives
Coming for him to take him away
Oh revenge, why have you  
Done me wrong?
Time is on his side
What shall I do now?
I have a score to settle

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