Man of sound
Of music in the round
Chasing rainbows with the rain
To yonder skies where angels lain
Pushing the limits of primal thought
Seed of music as sculptors wrought
Sound lovers caressing strings of love
With fingers stretching way up above
As academies remain inside their head
Releasing them up to the world’s edge
Alien melodies pouring out
Scattering seeds all around about
From cerebral gardens of love so pure
Riding on the scent of passion de fleur
Exotic spices lifting it to the lofted fields
Where the air to the sacred heaven yields
From the basement of learning to higher up,
virtuosity climbs so to drink from the cup.
As the hand of music pushes it skyward,
higher than the flight of the celestial bird,
the academics stay put in the terrestrial soul.
Then the soaring starts up to reach the goal.
An idea to the virtuoso
who lives out his dream.

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