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Winner vs. Winner

Winner vs. Winner
The finest vs. the finest
The best vs. the best
Number one vs. number one
Perfection vs. perfection
Strength vs. strength
Fortitude vs. fortitude
Courage vs. courage
Intensity vs. intensity
Stamina vs. stamina
Perseverance vs. perseverance
Tenacity vs. tenacity
Persistence vs. persistence
Determination vs. determination
Morality vs. morality
But one will out duel the other
Outcomes are cruel consequences
What has to be has to be
Losers are among the finest
Losers lift their heads high in defeat
Losers are still winners in spirit
Losers uphold the morality of creation
Winners are humble victors
Winners are slaves to God’s commands
Winners and losers are brothers in faith
Winners would sacrifice winning
For the betterment of his brother
But what has to be has to be
Competitive sports are still
The yearning of the palate
And the sweetness of the taste
While morality is still the
Sweetness, but without the sugar
The over indulgence of pride

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