Gertrude my main girl
who laughs at all my jokes,
assembles her friends
dressed up in brown coats.
They roll on the floor
and laugh until they die,
‘cause I’m so funny,
a comedian such as I.
A pack of hyenas
is what they are,
Gertrude and her friends,
gathered around here and far.
Maybe they’re a little drunk
from the party before.
Hyenas laugh harder
when one drink leads to four.
Sober cats are the best tester outers,
to see if the jokes are funny.
Making them laugh a big, big task.
My Millie, my sweety pie honey.
Laughing cats, a rare breed indeed,
my cat Millie and all the rest.
Not known to laugh or even giggle,
A sober cat must be a true test.
My home is my own joke academy.
Joke schools are for the birds.
When cats laugh, that’s the remedy,
or sober sheep from non laughing herds.
Wow, I’m so funny,
a comedian such as I.

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Robert L. Martin
2 months

I don't have a cat. I wish I had a cat, though.

Nelson D Reyes
2 months

Love those clown balloons lead pic.

I miss my two loving, adoring girls Sunshine and Colby. They crossed the bridge some years ago.

Cats...they entertain you, you entertain them...they end up on your lap and purr the sweetest loving feeling they give you. And you reciprocate the most welcoming way to them...with a treat.

Fun to lose yourself with them.

Thanks Robert. Like

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