Don’t ever look at me
I have to stay near the end
I keep the alphabet in front
So I can hide
I Wish I was invisible
But all I can do is try to be
So I do the best I can
All the A’s up to the Y’s
Can do what they want to do
 I don’t give a damn
What they do
I just want to stay
In the rear where
No letters can
Find me
I wish I was as pretty
As they are, but I’m not
I want to go to sleep
So nobody can bother me
Don’t even come to visit me
And I won’t come to visit you
Just leave me at the
End of the alphabet
And forget about me

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thanks Corry. I keep trying to be original and it is so hard to do.

Cory Garcia
over 3 years



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