At the end of the day
Laying alone in the dark
Thinking of all the things
That trouble your heart
You take a step back
To third person stance
And see that really
You don’t deserve a second chance
All you are
All you have
Is broken stars
And the last laugh
But really
What’s to laugh about
All you’ve got
Is you
That’s the truth
And you know it too
When the bottom of the bottle isn’t enough
When the cigarette smoke burns to the last puff
When your hands are at your back, cuffed
You know you’re nothing but shame
With your head face down
Looking at dirt
Wishing you had never been prized with birth
I hope you realize
That somebody tries
Has always tried
To keep you at their side
You kept pushing
Until all was lost
Except for one thing
The love of one was not lost
Though it should’ve been
It’s still there
So look up from the sweat stained care
And look up into my loving eyes
Take my hand
I shall not lead you astray
Though we aren’t worthy of praise
You don’t deserve to deteriorate
Not alone anyways
I’ve loved you so
For so damn long
Where have you been
Where have you gone
You never noticed
That you had my gaze
And though you suffocate in dusty haze
I’m still standing here
It’s true
I’m still standing here
Right next to you


Food for thought

Thoughtful, Strained, Blindsided, Love, Prison, Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Unworthy Love

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