I would rather you hate me
For the person that I am
Than have you love me
For something I am not
I haven’t figured out yet just what type of person I am
And I am just as confused as you are
But if it means losing everyone I love
Everything I have
Then I’ll let it all go
I want to be me
Whenever I figure it out
Whoever I become
Wherever I go
I want to feel whole
Though it scares me
To lose it all
I’m so tired of suffering
I want to live
Really live
Not just survive
Not just barely get by
Not wake up everyday just to pray it will be my last
I want to live
As the person I am destined to be
No matter what
No matter who I lose
It is time I do something for me
Just me
I will follow the path less traveled
I will walk the great unknown
I will reach the heavens
With these broken bones
The tread on my sneakers
Is wearing thin
Just like me
My patience
The ground
Seems to swallow me up
With every step I take
With every solid trait
That I pick up
Or put down
I come a little closer
A little closer
I come a little closer to me
As if looking in a mirror
I will see myself as a reflection
Of my past
And of my future
I hope to see good deeds
I hope to see a married me
A happy me
A proud me
A living me
All I want is me
I want room to breathe


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