Music is life
Music is love
The air I breath
My destiny
All of these struggles
All of these sins
All of the things I can never win
I cannot compete
For what I can never have
And though it’s heart lurching
Degrading and sad
These pieces of me
Fall into place
With music in my ears
And moving lips on my face
I love to sing
I love to hear
All of the melodies
That make things clear
Through shady trees
And pieces of me
I will fill the gap
The gaping hole
I will fill the empty glass
That is known as my soul
I cannot have the things I dream
The people
The places
The angels that sing
I can never be who I want to be
Yet I know music is my destiny
It makes me feel light
Like a paper plane
Soon to crash and burn
In infamous flame
I cave and fall
To my knees
Very often
If not occasionally
I do not need strings
I do not need wings
To lift me up
Music is life
Music is love
Without it I am breathless
With it I am weightless
Trapped in a maze of mirrors
Blinded by the light reflection
I hear what I once heard
Under recollection
It is stored in my mind
Like an annoying fly
Trying to escape the prison binds
And yet it is lovely
It is holy
It is holy water to my tongue
It is from the sky above
Music is love
In artistic fashion
It is not just sound
It is passion
A feeling of so much
In so little time
It does not have to flow
Or even rhyme
Music is everything
It is everywhere
It is in my eyes
It is in the air
Fore I cannot breathe
Without a melody’s touch to my lips
As if brought back from beyond
Music is life in a kiss
The kiss of life
Once dead
Zombie alike
Music brought me back
From the afterlife
I cannot love another soul
Though I always do
In the end I am always broken down
It went from I fly to I flew
Wrecking havoc in my chest
Cavities scattered in all of the mess
I am dying for true love’s final caress
Yet all around me I see death
There is one light to my darkening eyes
The angels
Who are not really angels
Sing from the skies
And beckon me onward
With hope filled eyes


Music, Love, Soul, Fulfilled

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