I’m a sad poet, I understand. I often write of my feelings or of other people's pain.
I’m a happy poet, I understand. I seldom write about my feelings and often about other's smiles.
I carry madness in my pockets, when I’m sad I smile and when I’m happy, I frown.
I carry love up my sleeves, when I’m heartbroken I chuckle and when I’m not, I weep.
The sun is dark but the moon shines bright, I love this.
The earth lays still as time runs away with it.
I accept whatever will more be, as soon as I decline.

I am what I am , and so are all of us. Forgive easily. Love each other. At the end of the day we are running the same race of survival. Accept what can not be changed and change what you really want to. Chase dreams .

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Shemené Kok
about 4 years

Thank you Vic

about 4 years

Three cheers to survival! Nice poem

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