I pour my heart,  soul and bare flesh into most things.
I never learn do I.
My glass is almost empty.
There’s but little for anyone else who wants to drink again.
Just when I fear they’ve drank it all I realise there is still plenty left.
My heart,  my soul and my bare flesh.
God knows he never had so much to drink of me.
My heart perhaps Iv given him.
My soul perhaps I owe to him.
My bare flesh belongs to someone else not me even to me.
I fear I might not have any left after all this giving.
I cannot replace much of what’s given with what someone’s given to me to drink.
I give to much, and one day I will have nothing left anymore.

Everyone invests in something or someone at some stage in their life, it is more important to invest in yourself and God. Do not give to receive nothing but your own back. Give to receive from God.

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Shemené Kok
over 2 years

Mr Martin , I have not been here in a while as i found a new love , photography. Poetry is something i can never throw away, so i return when I am inspired or when I need inspiration from people like you. Keep well sir .

Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

A good creed to live by.


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