I have demons I never thought I had.
Ones from my future.
Ones from my past.
They lay there in the darkest places of my heart.
They watch me with their blind eyes.
I hear their screams and taste my tears.
Some of them greet me at the door step as I leave for work.
Some of them join me in the shower when I’ve arrived  from work.
Not even water can wash them away.
Not even love can put them to sleep.
They lay there and age in my mind.
I feed them sometimes, even though I shouldn’t.
Sometimes they are so hungry that they eat all of me.
My sleep disturbed.
My peace is hurt.
I cannot live with them anymore.
I cannot give them away,
But If I don’t leave,  they will have to,
Else we will have to accept eachother and move on, because ignoring has not worked.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Maybe someone else can get them to go away.

Barb Clarke
about 3 years

Invite your demons for tea, get to know them. It will surprise them, tame
them and they will lose power over you.

about 3 years

Are you sure they're yours? More than a few are mine for sure. LOL

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