Three years and now we will be three Ash.

It’s late I know,  not really though.
Three years isn’t as long ago as I thought you know.
We still love,
We still smile,
I still stare at you for a while.
We’ve really grown,
So my heart had told.
Our kisses,
Our roses,
Are now all mature as you may know.
Even though it’s something old,
I still think of you when I lay to sleep,
I still think of you as I wake to start the week.
My heart is still back there.
Three years ago when you and I began this beautiful journey that we share.
Before you found me.
My life was as ruthless as can be.
You saved me from myself.
I may never love anyone else.
Last but not least you made me a mother,
and that my friend is really something than anything other.


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Shemené Kok
over 3 years

Good day Mr Robbert I trust you are well.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years



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