Life anew

Your bricks are so strong, you’ve rebuilt my life.
Another day gone but the new one is bright.
You are the light of my day and the star of my night.
Oh mason  my boy you have given your mother new sight.
The world is different and so is my fight.
I no longer battle for myself but for him that brought light.
The son I have wanted all my life.
Given to me my life is so bright.
Though you are not God,  he gave you to me and so I am blessed in delight.
Fruit of my flesh I pray for your life.
My soul is rebuild and blessed with new might.
My blessed bricks, oh son of mine you have made to rebuild my night.
My blessed bricks, oh son of mine you have made to rebuild my day light.

A little love letter to my son. Mason mama loves you , from the very beginning of your fetal existence I knew your name would be mason but I did not know why.

Now I know why, you've literally changed my life for the better. This is what this poem describes a new life given by God to rebuild me. I hope I have made you proud.

2018 on the 12th of Feb

You were only 16 weeks old.

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