I have seen that twinkle before.
Bright, shining light .
I have been looking for it for many more.
No such grin ever again in sight.
A beam so pure i could cry.
The yearning for that beauty .
I have searched many moons and still i sigh.
I cant possibly forget its powerful duty.
A glowing heart that shined through all.
I cannot find such nearby.
It hit me laying down and all i do is seek and crawl.
I need it in times where i serve in this battle cry.
Never again did i see that dimple.
That butterscotch melt in your mouth type of smirk.
The only place that has that smile is in my heart, I’m crippled.
IL keep searching for that wonderful piece of work.


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Shemené Kok
over 5 years

Poerty is so beautiful, clear yet mysterious , all of us have a different understanding, I see that, and now that iv seen it myself I am indeed amazed by its wonderous stories, it's most astonishing meaning that differs from person to person. My meaning for this poem was because I had found the most beautiful, most amazing true smile, and in seconds I had lost it without any goodbye, I don't blame anybody not even myself . I couldnt explain how I felt the moment it hit me, so I wrote it down.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Did I read the poem correctly in saying that his smile stayed in your heart even though he didn't follow through with his love for you?


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