I’m called outside
There’s no one home;
I knock and I plead but I feel alone.
Won’t you deliver a smile to my day?
You set the sun in the sky, so help me;
Can’t you come to play?
Send your glance down my way.
The mud is fresh; it keeps me well
Entertained, though like a bell
Each sound you make fills me with joy;
You’re Geppeto, am I just another toy?
I look to the clouds and find the nerve to pray
Against belief; “Send her my way”
Why don’t you see, why can’t you hear?
Are we closer than we know in nervous fear?
Can you hear my pleas upon your hill?
This separation nags at me still.
I smile when you’re walking by,
But inside I’m torn, wanting to fly.
Without the wings to guide me there
I want to give up, say I don’t care.
Yet I’ll stand by and hope, come what may;
I wait for the chance you’ll send my way.


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