I feel naked, woken up without skin;
Is this what it feels like to be new again?
What do you create to fill a soul sucking void;
Is emptiness the price of being annoyed?
You’re within my moment
But I wish you were here;
You’d think after the first you’re ready
But I still feel like glass, dear.
How did you do it all the times in your past?
You’re not my first, but it feels like my last.
Or any at all, really, I’m more beyond words;
The sounds that we’ve created are things I wish I’d never heard.
Like staring at an angel, wrapped majestically and fair;
I’ve glimpsed unto perfection, where do I go from there?
It’s sickening, this balancing act on the verge;
Why can’t we soar sky high, god forbid we submerge.
Is this normal life in for the people of our day?
Sinners in the eyes of gods, but who am I to say?


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