You set my heart a-flutter,
a baby bird struggling for sky;
and in that moment, every year we’d shared
reflected our faces in each others’ eyes.
A decision to be made;
were ours one and the same?
Fall’s a different lifetime; goodbye.
The hottest months called out to us,
vapor trickling with passioned words
and hungered as I thought I was
to you, it seemed absurd.
The voice I hear today
is much alike, yet something’s changed.
Fall’s a distant melody; goodbye.
I should have known to stop
when love became a trade;
selling a moment’s intimacy
for whatever I’d afford to pay.
You said I’m deserved at least of that;
I listened, as I do.
Snake oil played me for a fool,
I chose to give that up, too.
We’ll roam along, and maybe in
the curling dance of fate,
there’ll be a chance, or was that the last
we’d ever come to meet?
The future isn’t mine to see,
Fall took the Summer out of you and me;
Until the leaves turn green again,
I wish you well;

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