If there’s always other fishes
Swimming in the sea
What consolation is there
In seeking to marry?
If something so much better
Always can be found,
Why do we make the effort
To find a mate and settle down?
The lurkers in the ocean
Mean nothing at all
When Ive already found a mate;
When we’ve agreed to take the fall.
I don’t need to keep on searching
Just because we’ve hit a snag
Working problems is prerequisite
To holding on to what you have.
Fishies of any color scale
Are just a different shade of trouble
Why start everything over again
And risk letting the hatred double?
For that matter,
Why go searching to begin
Obviously we’re inclined to sink
Before we get our chance to swim
Should we hide inside coral all day
And wait until we die;
Live for ourselves and nothing else
So that we never have to cry?
I’d take the risk of failing for
A chance to swim the sea
With the single fish that I adore
Who means the world to me


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Najiyah C
over 7 years

kay then...
bro, you're kinda...

over 7 years

we obviously have similar tastes......don't forget that when you're dissin' me, lol......:)

Najiyah C
over 7 years

I always see that you've commented on every poem I've read.
I mean, what the hell?Love this poem though.

over 7 years

Thank you stiltskin!
Love your name, by the way :D

over 7 years

This is a marry-time masterpiece.....I love the style and the message is superb...:)


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