We’re walking towards the end of the sidewalk
I feel it’s not much longer till they’ll be calling us home
Come crying, little boy to his Mama
Moving farther and farther away
Grey in the distance
Red in the here and now
Blue flooding on the inside
Black carries without
Silence is a deadly game
Deafness plays with skill unmatched
Spontaneous attempts to try and win you over
Victory’s never a guarantee
Pink stains in the eyes
Navy holding onto the soul
Golden in the hope for the future
Rust creeping over the present
Sickness is a thing of two minds
A heavy pit to throw love and hate
Mating in the thick of the darkness
Raising a child named confusion
Scarlet fingers on delicate skin
Sulfur vapors clouding the mind
Viridian grown on unstable ground
Crimson taunts, eluding the grasp
Lonely are the children at night.


Alienation, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Pity, Prosperity, Decay, Lust, Uncertainty, Stress, Guidance

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