There’s something in the way your eyes
Meet up with mine in full surprise
When your smile blooms out like a rose
Nurtured by your pixie nose
And you know, it makes me smile too
When I see you act that way
It communicates a stronger love
Than any word would dare convey
So hold me close, now grab me tight
When my nerves begin to fray
Tell me it’ll be alright
Because I’ve found my place to stay


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over 7 years

Ding ding, nice catch :D

Elizabeth Stone
over 7 years

I really like this poem. The title makes me very curious. I'm not sure what you meant by it, but the first thing that comes to my mind is either the real drug that goes by the name of Soma or the imaginary drug from Huxley's Brave New World. Whether you intended it as an allusion or not, it gives a really interesting take on the poem. Love is a drug, after all.


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