I have walked through fire;
I feel it burning proud.
I've fallen in water;
And sat there while I drowned.
I have built of bridge
Of words I never needed to say;
I have made a split,
I never wanted it to be that way.
I’m here and in the now,
Did I come prepared too late?
I’m sick of lying down,
And I hope you don’t grow to hate.
I’m going to get better, I want to make things right
For myself, and you, and everyone;
I keep that wondrous goal in sight.
I have walked through fire,
I’m still hand in hand with hell.
I’m going to get better,
I know I’ll treat you well.
Without the vented monologues
And all the things I never say,
I’m stepping to the plate this time
I know you’ll see it soon, some day.
I have walked through fire, and what’s it matter now?
I’m still here to talk about it, right?
Why should it linger on my brow?
I have walked through fire, and it sits within my eye.
With love, and burning confidence
That I’ll be a better guy.


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