Distance is a trial
Of love, trust, and time
You can’t expect it to be easy
If you feel it’s worth a dime
The simple fact that you care
Is enough to bring up thoughts
Of the painful truths in reality
But remember what you’ve got
The person you picked out
Is no other in the world
Just the same, your relationship
Has yet to be unfurled
In the voices of the past
Who bring warnings to your ear
It’s natural to listen
But don’t sink into your fear
Like many things in life,
It has a chance to fail
That’s greater than success
And that fact may give you hell
Filling your mind with nightmares
That cut short your time to rest
But the chances only multiply
If you don’t give it all your best
What that necessarily is
Can be somewhat hard to say
Just take things one step at a time
And see it through day by day


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