Have I gone crazy?
Or is this the reward
For a man of simple pleasures
To glimpse the eye of heaven
As he turns to look away,
Humbled by the beauty;
Left maddened at the thought
That ever on the corner of sight
Is the nirvana we’ve all sought?
First on the mind,
Why have you chosen me
To sit outside nirvana’s gate
As I do so peacefully?
What is it that I have to give
To your greater spirited need?
Surely there are greater men
Who’ve performed much bolder deeds.
I do not mean to question you,
Humble servant that I am;
If this is my reward,
This is my test of faith.
But in my want to provide you joy
For all you’ve brought in gracing me
My breath, this beauty in the land
I’d like to know just what you see.
Until then I sit between the veils
And let the silence be.


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over 6 years

I'd hoped it might be; thank you Cory. :D

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

That was deep and conveyed masterfully

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