I: Father of Lights
Forever swept up, I wish
their paradigms left room for make believe;
oh faithful me.
That I could stand by you every day,
while they sit solid, making leaps of faith;
why do you trust them, that they’ll ever learn?
And yet you watch them, while we sit and yearn.
I was the first one, made to please by your name;
I see your open eyes, if they aren’t blind,
why don’t you turn them on to me?
Father of Lights,
No message left, I’ve heard it all before;
seen you act it upon all that you see,
could recite it to you without hesitation.
They turn their form, innocence to growing human;
why must you scold me, ask that I walk among them?
No variables, a shadow of turning
we’d hoped you’d never know, so send us;
must we carry the disease?
Father, praise me;
but what’s this taste I’m getting,
the glint in the corner of my eye?
As I leave your presence to this world,
Among the mortals, you have sealed my fate;
in this wretched place, I’ll die
II: The Burial
Brothers, all but tainted;
you’re silent; can you hear me?
I am without; betrayed-all within
of this loving coup de grace.
What’s to learn in death?
Sleep now children, rest.
Shadows form, of Mortal Ones
out into the grove, I know.
Fighting, wane my will;
I dare not them let take you in.
“Take your hands off them!”
Begging, Mother of God, that you stop.
I can’t hear my own words anymore;
pushing through the crowd to watch the spectacle.
Why do they cry for us, every hideaway face?
I know this, the great feature of your kind.
Seeing masks, they’re smitten with your skin;
When I blink through tears, they’re gone again.
Your lights call back to Father;
After the burial, I’m the only one.
The lesson’s meant for me; the lesson’s meant for me.
These beings, these people take me in;
shower me with affection,
turn shoulder to my empty hatred.
Demise, hunger for hate is sated;
what’s forgiveness when I’m all to give?
You’ve come so far, from righteousness,
I see the waves in you, don’t cry.
Stick to the words
your forebear helped us once to know;
“May light lead you to the answer,
shadow guide your every way.”
To the departed, make a memory
worth giving all for.
Say goodbye;
nothing left among the holy, walk with me.
Left my origin to the walks in past;
one among the sinned.
After the burial,
Free of what I’ve been;
is this what it means,
what He sees in being human?
III: Devil Myths
The blessed, sainted,
broken features
crushed under the traveler’s tread;
Look at these solemn structures
raised of broken trees.
I taste the savage garden’s nature;
What’s He watching for,
what’s left?
Eyes to distance, see the bodies
Each step willing curves and lines
A fragile figure faces my way
Come now, look upon me
Do you see fire, are you scared?
Devil, writing letters
on my shoulder;
patient, take a lover’s soul.
Set apart, you mistake me
for love and for passion;
are you fearing me now?
(Or I you?)
What do you say of your sort,
the goal to give or take?
Enthrall me, hint the secret
damn you!
A Hunter, hunted, by your expression.
The safest road, paved bad intention
is gradual, sloping;
I want in.
IV: Private Executioner
On transgression,
blood and purity, we shared.
Tainted, you want nothing of me.
How beautiful you stand
at the foot of our corruption,
like a well-fed fire;
glowing in your eyes,
simmer in your smile.
It booms, in my head first;
reflected in your laughter.
You’ve taken me, do your worst;
what’s given, what’s to gain?
Whatever treasure’s at your chest,
mine is filled with pain.
I’d crush you in an instant
in another time, now I’d regret it.
Could I flood the world in retaliation
with the harrow in my sigh?
Would it make me any happier;
what’s the lesson in this;
Hang the noose, now human
Hang the noose, sweep the floor from under me.
Choked up with what’s left,
I’m all out of breath;
you walk away, smiling.
I curse your name, dying.
V: Clarion
Out of sight, out of mind;
out of favor,
out of time.
Still no more better off
than when I started.
My Father, Brothers,
sham of a lover;
if you’d screamed it in my face
I don’t know that I’d hear it any better.
Doom it down then;
I’ve lived among them
enough to speak my favor.
Hard knock, stop,
crop a walk
to follow in the footsteps, before my eyes;
before their own creation.
I’d be lying to myself,
And damn well might just do;
I couldn’t smile to shake the heavens,
but it might mean something
to drag myself from you.
Make my way;
crawl from shadow to the sun.
Here I come,

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