Created for and submitted in's "New Member's Contest ~ October 2016". Bronze Placement.

Frozen over, warm-graced again;
That feeling of beauty
Fragile, fleeting
Like the storm
That sees me fall upon this mountaintop.
Pale of skin, blackest hair;
It speaks to me, and picks me up.
Such melodies of lilting sleet,
A bond eternal of no escape
That I’d care to wish or seek.
Such a muse speaks dreams of fantasy,
Stable lives of family;
The brilliant rays of longing needs
Forgotten to this bone white sea.
And as I speak, it fades away;
As I reveal, it deigns of me,
“My soul thine take, in total succor
My bond thou break in hunting snare.”
Upon such words, I become myself again
A standing figure to the bite of snow.

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