Oh Sweet rain, take me away
To the world of dreams, perchance to play
Among the fields of merigold,
grown up from memories of old
A place where I can truly be
If only for a night, happy
Until the sun comes up again
I’ll hide away from the searing pain
And dance my way through the veil of mist
That hides away inner darkness
And when I wake I’ll pass on by
The hours with a sullen sigh
As I wait for the night to come
So once again I can succumb
To a prism hanging in the black
I walk colored strands straight to the back
Of halls that go on without end
Filled with doors that twist and bend
And I stare and wonder at the ways
That my world could hold me still for days
But it’s all so split, I have no time
To take it in before the crime
That is waking drags me back out
Of my perfect world; I’m left without...
Oh sweet rain, take me away....


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