It hurts me a lot
At night, when you say
The things you don’t mean
They still sting anyway
It’s coming from somewhere tormented inside
Just give me a chance
Open yourself wide
Is there something inside that I shouldn’t see?
Please, don’t be scared to get close to me.
What you are to others
I can be to you
Im fully qualified
In what boyfriends should do
Just let me inside, it’s not like you’ll die
If I see you in my arms ready to cry.
If anything, it’d make me hold you more
Humanity is a thing that I duly adore
It should speak volumes, if that is the key
That even at your worst, you’re still dear to me
Im not trying to attack you,
Don’t get that impression
I just want you to be comfy
With a bit less discretion
After all, that’s what this whole thing is about
I’m here to be talked to when there’s something you need out
I just don’t want it thrown at me like scorn
As much as I try, that can leave me worn.


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