The old goat still watches us today

The old man’s coming back, I hear!
Clean up, too much acceptance here;
He’d die to see you put yourself
Before the troubles of another!
Put an eye behind the blinds,
And see the flaws that you can find
Between the neighbor’s skin
And his whore mother.
“I hear his Daddy’s a rat in Africa
I see he got her with his spear”
This xenomorphic culture shift
Is an unnatural source of fear.
She’s got breasts and he’s a dick,
Don’t let em breed another prick!
What’s safe inside their walls is a travesty to me
They’re locked away like animals;
For all we know, they’re cannibals
If I cannot see them, there’s a whole lot more to see!
Cling yourself as close to god
As judgement will let you hold on tight;
It’ll make you feel much better now
To know you’re straight and in the right.
Point your fingers to the sky, 'cause Mccarthy’s coming home!
The sand dogs bite you in the night,
And big nose gets you in the bank;
Join up with the army son,
You’re the solution, in your tank.
The reich was on to something when
They thought difference was a weakness, see;
It’s as true now as it was then,
In the minds of our constituency.
Try not to think in shades of grey, 'cause old papa’s comin’ home!
You gotta hide your flaws away, 'cause McCarthy’s coming home!


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