"It is indifferent to me where I am to begin, for there shall I return again." - Parmenides

Sapphire sky
Highway reflections
Streaking by
In after-light
Terminal sunrise
And red-eye rummage
Through a mind rising above
A pillowed curtain
Releasing the embrace
That held me like a lake of fire
I will come to know myself
I will never hold back
An ounce of this love
Until it spills
And fills
Every thirsting heart
My solitude is my teacher
I am my own again
Cast not my eyes in such a light
To feel I need be so protected
From the broken heart
Of love reflected  
I will stare into the hallways
Of deep-root time
And splintered residue
And I will come forget
A world of idle dreams  
Singularity, solidarity
Passing through the desert sands
I drifted in an airless wind
Through miles and miles
Of spacious lands
With nothing to catch
A swift-sailing thought
Or the empty hollows
In comfortable shells
Red-dirt roads
Hastened farewells
Metallic grass glimmering
In gypsum hills shimmering
For the rare pair of eyes
In oblivious disguise
Through a current of untamed will
Tears of duality streaming
Down cheeks that weathered
Dust Bowl survival
And the unspoken call to rise
For the weary and wild
Living what only
A woman could know  
Of pain and of beauty
Of age and of youth
The Delphic hearts
Of falsities and truth
The seeds of toil
Reach for the soil
To blossom inside
The waking spirit
With a message of hope  
For all to hear it  
It  prospers in resonance
Shooting through me like an arrow
Reaching for a moon amused
Joyfully confused
By the evolution of need  
I only wanted love
And I needed ever so little
Some ember to ignite
The chest of this automaton
And the very ground I stood upon
Something to dissolve
The puzzling walls
Where I run from my intensity
Trapped in a tin can
Soaring like a meteor
In a constellation of riddles  
Frailty, strength
And constant renewal
The cyclical spirals
Of endless perusal
The tables where I sat
A stranger to myself
Now serve guns, munitions
And violent transmissions
Exchanged between
The fearful in slumberous lands
With nothing to fill the empty space
Except for the choices  
Those children will face  
I wandered my own experiences
And no one else could walk them
And I stood across
From shadows
That to this day tell me  
My love alone is not enough
But  it is too much
To be contained
And it is too much
To be explained
And sometimes it will find its way
To swell inside the words you write
Swirling like a drop of dye
In an ocean of secrets
It is one and the same
This is what I find  
In a red-eye rummage
Through a mind rising above
A pillowed curtain  
I must be what  I seek
I will never hold back
An ounce of this love again
Until it spills
And fills
Every thirsting heart
I will come to know myself


truth, beauty, wisdom, pain, sorrow, suffering, sadness, growth, healing, past, future, present, love, fear, meaning, spiritual, knowledge, experience, travel, Oklahoma, New York

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almost 6 years


Mr Moonlight
almost 6 years

So many beautiful lines. A journey indeed. :-)

Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

As usual, your poetry took me on a journey. I really look forward to reading it. I'm glad you are back. Write some more. Give me some more inspiration.

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