Beaming lights from towering peaks
The eyes of the mountain
Bear a silence that speaks
I drive along a winding road
Late at night
While thoughts explode
Inquisitive hands upon the wheel
A trembling wave
From what I feel
Quietly wild and seemingly free
I let an intrusion
Mystify me
Conveyances of muted thoughts
Drifting through space
Like cosmonauts
Suspended air within the gaze
Pinning me
Within a phrase
The ciphers of the spilling speech
In quivering touch
That longs to reach
To vitalize the drying well
Falling under
A somnolent spell  
Formulating ideations
Giver of belated love
I do not know
The thing I’m of
Echoes and hallucinations
Of our vexations
Waiting for the heart to know
What all my words
Could never show
I quarantine the vulnerable veil
That weathered too many
A forceful gale
And recompose the stoical face
Without a hint
That you could trace
To point to what was left in me
That wanted so much
What could not be
Ameliorating over time
This never-ending
To listen to the filtered breeze
That passes through
The endless trees
Spilling out poetic expressions
That mark the tides
Of my progressions    
As I learn to love without condition
For that is the highest
Of all transmission

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Sparkle Poetics
over 6 years

Thank you :)
I shivered a bit when I wrote it. ;)

Barb Clarke
over 6 years

Love the last stanza :"As I learn to love without condition
For that is the highest
Of all transmission"

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