Words Swell within a Pleasure

Words swell within a pleasure
That line from mind to mind
For what is said is without measure
And shows me how you’ve shined
It calls to me in solitude
When silence is my shroud
And then my brooding heart is soothed
While wings are then unbound
It surges like a cloud
Expanding with its storm
What spaces are allowed?
What dance could I perform?
To gently convey the meaning
The way it heals these scars
The tides of fate are leaning
To write it in the stars
A secret here is sleeping
Deep in want of light
A secret here is keeping
A curse of perpetual night
See it shine upon my face
I hide it in my quiet eyes
Perhaps to keep you from the place
That lingers with deafening sighs
For words are swelling within a pleasure
Bursting forth from dreamer hands
In this vision is the treasure
That waits for me in dreamer lands


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