I Stood in the Middle

I stood in the middle of something.
I gazed at the ether of gnashing specters and threw my cautions to the wind.
The wind, the wind!
How it contorted the swirling mass of illusion.
I traveled the Inferno, gazing into the symbiosis of myself, and the Man with Many Faces.
Simply put, I merely closed my eyes.
I closed my eyes and slumbered to forget in acute fear what never happened.
Floating, drifting, further and further down the stream of multiplicity, seemingly
Traversing through form after limiting form.
Now a linear being, I forgot the stasis of the Changeless; I lost my sanity.
Duality meagerly substitutes the voice of love and light.
I stood in the middle of something.
Frozen in the wake of a looming wave of destruction.
Submerged, twisting and writhing in the swirling current; I lost my will.
I surrendered.
In calm and quiet, I felt a cleansing tone pluck the strings of my memory.
—Sacred memory
Sacredly familiar.
My eyes began to flutter in the wake of purpose.
I stood frozen in my surroundings, motionlessly motion-bound,
Curiously reaching my hands
Toward this lingering light
As it reaches back to embrace me.
The warmth gently incinerates my concept of self,
Enveloping my perception, releasing me of all imagined pain.
Sweet catharsis, the One without opposite; Love held me in everything,
Returning the will to hold on.
Extension– the multiplication of that which is given,
I extend to you the hands of hope,
To you lift up and out.
Away from now faceless phantoms,
Ever chasing, but never capturing.
I extend to you the heart of love, answering the call– be still.
For in stillness, the now, the all-seeing eyes of reason,
Transformation guides the rising dreamer.
—Open your eyes.
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