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Drugged Shakespeare

Me, A Drunk, and Drugged poets.

A drunk man once asked me
Do you write?
And I was like yeah
I can put words together,
He looked at the cup he was holding
And laugh and said
How often do you write or
Are you still in the closet?
I was short of words and
I could only think of drinking
Water at that time,
He said you know you will
Be nothing like Shakespeare or
This drunk welsh poet, he whispered
I heard he’s still got it
And listen don’t tell anyone
They are full of magic and
They write and write everytime,
Sometimes with drink and
For Shakespeare everytime is
Cocaine and after saying all this;
He asked, do you want to be like
Shakespeare because I have the
Magic and we can both be rich,
I laughed and laughed and after
Tears come rolling down to my
Cheek I asked how do you know all this?
He said 'I used to be a writer too but
Am somewhat good at it, I have been
Hiding in the closet the whole
Time until I tried the magic
The drunk Welsh poet and Shakespeare
Used, look at me now am rich and
I still got it’.


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