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Love Hunting

Love growing could be as
Short as a leave that kisses
The sun begged to kiss not,
It could be a lantern bright
But not bright enough to see far,
it could be a nail–
sharp and
Dangerous or it could be a
no value till time
Makes it old to fare.
It could be a pill
Enough to heal a sick hoard,
It could be an opera–
bunch of
Cold hearted people waiting to
Be moved,
It could be a school boy with bad
Shoes and bad clothes and ugly
Face but a good hairstyle,
It could be in india–
Waiting to be inspired,
It could be a drunk–
With a bad sense of humour,
It could be in africa–
Still taking pictures of bees
on a safari,
It could have been in a road
Rage with a man named
It could be in chips
Soft, hot and whispers
Fat to you in the middle,
It could be in hell
For all i know but
Am sure its not been here
At all.


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