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FUVKED by Life

I am sure no one would read this
I am very certain no sane being
Will get the message.
The message is very complicated but I Will try break it down.
I will try my best to decode the source
Of this barbaric message,
After few hypnosis, the hypnosis I made from me to me and by myself.
Read it again if you feel confused or a little ditty with my choice of words.
This hypnosis was evaluated and patient-ly signed for by me.
Life as fucked us in different ways possible,
If it is you with social media lust,
Life is still fucking you.
If it is you with a drawn out plan for next year, life is fucking you continuously.
Life has fucked many of us
Be it a man, woman, child, straight, gay, black, white, ginger, Caucasian.
Be it you a Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Carpenter, Plumber, Tailor, Poets, Artists or Artisans.
We are all fucked by this giant dome called Life.

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