Tears roll and slide down ghostly skin.
With a composed face I ask how you’ve been
On the surface I’m calm and sweet
On the inside I want to melt at your feet
Every day I miss you and every day I fall a little more
You are the reason I breath, the reason I endure
But you tell me we will never be together, you won’t be mine
You ask if I’m ok, I say that I’m fine.
But at night I lay in bed and cry.  I beg for you to stay
I look for things to keep the tears at bay
I want to tell you I love you
And I want you to know its true
You chose her from the start
Now its unfair to another heart
I have nothing to make you pick me
All I want is for you to let me free
I love you and that will never change.
I know....  you will always think I’m strange.

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